Sentinel Cost-Effective Seismic Station

Sentinel is a compact system with built-in sensors, data recording/streaming unit, and wireless communication modules.

​It is conceived for low budget applications or wherever a customer needs to acquire as much information as possible within a predefined budget.

​Sentinel is equipped with a low noise MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and, optionally, with a geophone, whose bandwidth is electronically extended down to 1 second.

Each unit is synchronized trough the GNSS receiver and an array of systems can be constructed to evaluate the health of the structures or to create a seismic network.

Plug and play and well suited to rapid deployment needs, Sentinel can rely on different communication systems such as LAN cable, Wi-Fi, HSPA, or LoRa.

Alarm output is available for those who need an earthquake detector to turn off electronic equipment and/or gas valves, or to evacuate a building, when the seismic tremor is over.

  • Seismic Networks
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Seismic Switch (earthquake detector)
  • Early Warning Systems

– Internal 3-Axis MEMS sensor, low noise (<18µg/√Hz), DC to 200Hz, available in ±2g or ±4g.
– Optional vertical geophone with bandwidth extension down to 1Hz.
– High Dynamic 20bit ADC
– Integrated Wi-Fi.
– Integrated 10/100 LAN.
– Optional onboard HSPA modem with nano SIM card.
– Optional onboard LoRa module (low latency for Early Warning).Optional Alarm output (3 Relays).
– Integrated GNSS receiver for timing application.
– 32Gb internal memory eMMC.
– miniSEED data stream.
– STA/LTA triggering algorithms.
– Synchronization between units, time delay <1µs.
– Backup battery 18650 in case of loss of power