MCDR rack is an acquisition system for seismic signals designed for permanent monitoring.

It can acquire up to 64 channels synchronously.

MCDR rack is equipped with a separate power supply controller which handles the systems in case of black outs.

We have more than 100 MCDR racks installed in Italy.

MCDR rack is designed for permanent monitoring stations

Structural monitoring

MCDR rack is installed in buildings and it records local data coming from sensors and it communicates remotely with a pc server.

A seismic sensor network is deployed on the building and it is connected to MCDR rack through wires.


– Delta-sigma 24-bit ADC, synchronous sampling
– high dynamic > 140dB@10sps
– Sampling rate : 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 samples/s
– Up to 64 channels, available as multiple of 8
– Trigger STA/LTA
– Built-in GPS, time stamp encapsulated in data
– 10/100 ethernet port
– Locally or remotely configurable
– PoseidonClient on Windows
– Working temperature: -40° +85°C