LTG-Link Wireless Accelerometer

LTG-Link is a cost-effective wireless triaxial 80dB accelerometer.

The only connectors available are the antenna and power supply, that’s because the units are synchronized via wireless signal!

A central station manages the synchronism between the units which is less than 1μs, the sampling rate depends on the number of stations.

A monitoring system can have more than one central station, each central station manages communication and synchronism in its own subnet.

Each central station has its own GNSS receiver to get the time fix.

LTG-Link is supplied with a small photovoltaic panel that recharges the internal LiFePo4 battery; the system is completely power autonomous.

Bridges Monitoring


Structures such as bridges have considerable oscillations that excite the structure and are devoid of energy sources to feed any equipment.

In a scenario like this the LTG-Link is perfect.

Firstly because the exciting signals have enough amplitude to be sensed with the right resolution by the 80dB MEMS accelerometer, secondly because the power supply autonomy overcome to the power supply absence issue.

Not least a cable free and GNSS free system, like this, simplifies the installation.

The maximum distance between an LTG-Link and a central station can be up to 2Km (in sight view).