Instruments for structural health monitoring

Our instruments come from over 20 years of experience in structural health monitoring. We have centralized solution with cable deployment and completely wireless that save the cost of the installation and of the cable itself.

Devices with different levels of dynamic range for high resolution monitoring and for low cost applications.

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24bit high resolution portable digitizer and recorder for acquiring data from seismic sensors. Low power, battery back up, plug and play for rapid deployments.

Triton Accelerograph

Combined recorder and acceleration sensor, can be fixed to a structure with its own plate or it can be left on the ground standing on spikes. The accelerometer can be a true force balance (160dB or 130dB) or a MEMS 90dB. The Triton Accelerograph is available in monoaxial, biaxial or triaxial version.


Specialized hardware developed for getting the most from any acoustic emission survey. Designed with the help of professors from the Structural department of the Polytechnic University of Turin, who started to experiment with this technology more than 30 years ago. Therefore we can supply not only the hardware for your tests but a complete solution with technical advice from the most esteemed technicians and professors.

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24 bit high resolution multichannel data recorder, can acquire up to 64 channels synchronously making it well suited to permanent structural health monitoring.