Atlas-C is a recorder for seismic signals.

It is available with 3, 6 or 9 synchronous channels for external inputs (accelerometers or velocimeters).

Atlas-C was conceived to be used in the field under tough ambient condition without any additional protection.

An easy to access slot on lid get the access to the additional removable microSD card and to the HSPA modem sim card.

WiFi, GNSS and  HSPA antennas are built-in inside the case; in case there is no a good sky view an external GNSS antenna connection is available with the auto-switch function.

Atlas-C  features a high capacity battery pack for your daily investigations or for a back-up from the mains loss.

Atlas-C is ready to be used, no need for antennas plugging, no need for external battery back-up, no need for external 3G modem, it is all built-in !


Atlas-C is an easy to use instrument that semplfies your work in the field.

Everything you need is built-in inside the case: batteries, GNSS antenna, WiFi, HSPA.

If the Atlas-C has a good sky view, the internal GNSS antenna works great; viceversa it’s necessary to plug the external GNSS antenna, the system will auto-switch to the external one.

Data are simultaneously stored on the internal memory and on the external card.

You can eject the external card with your data and insert a free one, without worrying about downloading.

Just bring the Atlas-C and your sensor, it’s everything you’ll need for your seismic surveys!


Photovoltaic Supply

The Atlas-C power supply input can be directly connected to a small photovoltaic panel.

The overall power consumption of the station is at maximum 12W when internal batteries are completly discharged.

The typical power consumption when the batteries are fully charged drops below 2W.



Permanent or short-lived monitoring

Atlas-C can be used indifferently with an accelerometric or a velocimetric sensor.

You can configure Atlas-C in-loco using WIFI or LAN cable.

If Atlas-C is used on a permanent monitoring, you can reach it remotely using the built-in HSPA modem or using LAN connection in order to link it, for example, to an ADSL modem.




ATLAS-C models available

Atlas-C 3T : 3 24bit channels on a single MIL connector (size 14, 19 pins) sample rate up to 1Khz​

Atlas-C 6T : 6 24bit channels on two MIL connectors (size 14, 19 pins) sample rate up to 500Hz​

Atlas-C 9T : 9 24bit channels on three MIL connectors (size 14, 19 pins) sample rate up to 250Hz​

Channelslow noise 24bit
Dynamic Range> 136dB@100 Sps
Sampling Rate10,100,200,250,500,1000 Sps
Sampling TopologySynchronous
Data FormatMiniSeed or Proprietary
TimingBuilt-in GNSS receiver
TimestampEncapsulated in data
LAN10/100 ethernet port
WiFiOptional built-in
Cellular ModemOptional built-in
Power Supply9-28Vdc – power consumption < 2W
Back up BatteryInternal LiPo
System Autonomy w/o external supply33 hours
ConfigurationWeb Interface
CompatibiltyEarthworm,Antelope,Geopsy,SeiscomP and SeisGram2K
IP protectionIP68
Temperature Range-40°C to 70°C*

* LiPo batteries can be discharged between -20°C to +70°C.
LiPo batteries can be charged between 0°C to +45C°.
If temperature drops or exceeds the charging/discharging limits the battery is inhibited.